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  • Proven track record of outperformance vs S&P 500
  • Flagship Strategy: Buy and Sell signals released every month.
  • Long term buy and hold strategy, Zakat and CGT optimised.
  • Zakat and Purification metrics
  • Low touch investing, requires less than 10 minutes a month.
  • Mid-Large Cap companies with proven track records
  • Shariah Compliant under AAOIFI guidelines
  • Access alerts via our Portfolio Builder App



The system is designed to outperform the market on average over a minimum number of 5 years.


The system is not immune to market movements and volatility.

Based on 15 years of backtesting data, the system experienced losses in the following calendar years:

2009: 6% loss.

2013: 7% loss.

It's possible to start with an investment budget as little as $70 / month ($840 / year).

The minimum amount is a function of the fees charged by your broker and whether they allow you to purchase fractional shares.

Any that give you access to the US stock market (NYSE, NASDAQ).

Common brokers that allow fractional share trading and low/zero brokerage per trade are:

Robinhood (USA)

Trading212 (UK)

Interactive Brokers (Global)

HelloStake (Australia)

SelfWealth (Australia)

The system has a minimum holding period of 12 months.

After the initial 12 months of investing, profits/losses are typically generated on a monthly basis.

The system is not a fixed allocation based strategy (like your typical Robo-Advisor).

The system constructs a continuously rebalanced portfolio of stocks over a 12 month period via the monthly Buy / Sell signals.

In short, no periodic rebalancing required!

We will publish Zakatable % and dividend purification % for all stocks for which the system generates signals.