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Data Science Driven

All our investment models are grounded
in data-driven research using institutional
quality data to put investment strategies
through rigorous testing before we admit
them to our platform.

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Backtested Performance vs the Market


A platform that helps you build a high performance stock portfolio based on the US stock market.

We provide buy/sell signals based on our high performance Investment Systems via our Portfolio Builder App.

An Investment System is a data-driven, quantitative system of investing comprising of:

- Which stocks to buy
- When to buy them
- How much to buy


- Which stocks to sell
- When to sell
- How much to sell

You will receive buy/sell signals via our Portfolio Builder App (subscription required) periodically based on the outputs of our investment systems.

You can replicate the returns produced by our strategies by executing these signals.

- Your own brokerage account that has access to the US stock market.

- A consistent monthly budget for investing. (We recommend that you only invest what you can afford to lose.)

- 10 minutes a month to implement our strategy.

We are not at present providing investment management services.

Our mission is to empower anyone, anywhere in the world with risk capital to invest confidently in the stock market.

Risk capital in simple terms is money you can afford to lose and are willing to invest to obtain outsized gains.

Investments in the stock market are subject to fluctuation in value, including the possibility of loss.

We recommend that you only invest amounts that you can afford to lose.

No. Not at all.

No one can predict exactly how the future will play out. The stock market is no exception.

All investments in the stock market carry risk and past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. Please read our disclaimer before purchasing.

No. Our investment systems are built to deliver long term results and will experience volatility in the short term.

A minimum investment horizon of 5 years is recommended in order to truly benefit from our Investment Systems and overcome short-term and mid-term losses.


We offer signals generated from our high performance investment systems that are specifically designed to beat the S&P500 long term market average.

Our systems pick individual stocks and hold them for specific periods of time in order to achieve market beating results.

A typical Robo-Advisory service simply invests in low cost index funds which help you achieve performance close to or below the market average.

The average annual return based on the S&P500 for the 15 years ending in 2020 is: 9.88%

To contrast, the Horizon IRR for US Venture Capital for the same period is 10.99%

Our Investment Systems have an average annual performance of 18% over the same backtesting period.

Rehan Ahmed

Rehan is the inventive mind behind the algorithms that power the HalalStocks model portfolios. His focus is on equity factor design and sustainable financial services has been instrumental in shaping HalalStocks.Co's unique value proposition.

Rehan's commitment to the mission of serving the Ummah with data-driven investment strategies is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for inclusive financial services.

Umair Shakoor

Umair is the COO and swiss army knife behind HalalStocks. His expertise in managing complex projects has been instrumental in the development of HalalStocks.Co's high-performance algorithmic investment solution.

Umair's dedication to simplifying Shariah-compliant investing and his innovative approach to data-driven strategies are key to the company's mission of serving the Ummah.


Although I have been an investor in stocks for sometime now, Halal investment in stocks is something that I am new to. HalalStocks.Co have developed a long term investing model which identifies high performing Halal stocks from the major US exchanges on a monthly basis. Investing alongside their investment models is easy and simple to follow. Never have halal investing returns been easier to obtain!

Ali Shahid
Investment Analyst

Halal Stocks is a unique service that allows you to grow your wealth in a very affordable way and is great for those who don't have the time or confidence in researching stocks but want to invest in the share market.

Maysoon El-Ahmad
Customer Experience Consultant

My first months with HalalStocks.Co have been fantastic. It's been a great experience and it's solving a problem that I haven't found anyone else do.

Peter Gould
CEO Gould Studio

The Model-1 is an excellent investment tool. This is the COVID-19 busting strategy that I have been looking for. Very dependable, simple to execute and stable performance in an otherwise volatile market. Well done to the team at Halalstocks.Co

Mohammad Manzouri
Head Of Unit - Pipeline Projects Aramco

I had always wanted to invest in stocks, but the complexity of finding halal stocks which are also profitable was beyond me. Then halalstocks came along and took out all the pain of finding stocks that are halal for investment while also being profitable in the long run. I have been extremely satisfied with the returns while being at peace that the earnings I make are not contradicting my beliefs.

Qazi Atiq
Senior App Developer

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